Game Jam

Game On! Expand your Horizon

Code your game (or game your code) onto the Horizon Box

Thanks all for making this 3rd Liberty Global Appathon a great success! This year was all about building the best game or gamified interactive experience that leverages the Liberty Global Horizon TV platform to be enjoyed with friends or family together on the living room TV.

The 3 winning teams are:


Goodboy Digital with the HandsUp! Game. This game used some great WebGL animations on the Horizon Box and is all about a multi player co-op climbing of a wall in order to grab as many HotDogs as possible. The jury was very impressed by the animations and design.

Runner Up

999 games with a Horizon Box version of the popular game of 30 Seconds. The jury liked the game play and the smart use of the remote control and interaction with the main TV screen. A great board game with the living room TV taking center stage.

3rd prize

StoneRoos with a CouchQuiz which was a very nicely working Pubquiz for in the living room to be enjoyed with friends and family. The jury liked the business potential of this game and the gameplay in particular.

The winning team Goodboy Digital were taken to the Dinner Show of the Tech Summit where they got their award handed to them by Mike Fries, CEO of Liberty Global.

We’re now working with several winning teams to put these games live on our Horizon Platform in several European countries. To all the teams: a big thank you and hopefully we will see you next year again.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us on

Check the photos here!