Game Jam

Game On! Expand your Horizon

Code your game (or game your code) onto the Horizon Box

When & where: 13 & 14 September Ziggo Dome


Come up with and develop a game or gamified interactive experience that leverages the Horizon platform to be enjoyed with friends or family together on the living room TV.


Unleashing the potential of the central TV in the living room for niche gaming / gamified / social experiences

Judging criteria

Your experience should run and be demoed on the Horizon Box (submitted into TV App Store by 15th of september 15.00)

Most Geeky

Best use of technical features of the platform and ecosystem

When Can We Launch!

Overall Winner: Best business potential

Wow, thats nice!

Best design and user experience


Win a partnership and some seed fund by Liberty Global in order to get your experience launched onto our Horizon platform in Europe.

Most Geeky

4 x Electric Skateboard (Yuneec)

Overall Winner


Wow, That’s Nice

4 x Samsung gear 360


Team Details

(100 char. min.) Briefly summarize ideas/concepts you would love to see running on a Liberty Global Application Platform and you think your team could make during the Appathon.

If there is sufficient interest, we want to organise a small gathering the evening before the Appathon for some informal drinks.

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Team Member 2

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Team Member 3

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Team Member 4

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